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What do you want to know?  
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Love the body you’re in by {JooJoo} on Flickr.

Amen to that.
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This one never gets old.


This one never gets old.

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Is it political if I tell you that if we burn coal, you’re going to warm the atmosphere? Or is that a statement of fact that you’ve made political? It’s a scientific statement. The fact that there are elements of society that have made it political, that’s a whole other thing. Neil deGrasse Tyson (via socio-logic)

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Stephen King being Stephen King

LOL!!! I love this man!

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Hot Fuzz (dir. Edgar Wright), 2007.

Can someone please code a decision-making/coin-flip app for me where these are the two options available?

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David Millar after Paris-Roubaix via @smittystuff

My other cycling love.


David Millar after Paris-Roubaix via @smittystuff

My other cycling love.


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fangandclaw asked: I understand that you don't want to steal from studio ghibli by watching streams online of their work, but isn't it a little unfair for people that don't live in areas where ghibli films are shown or who can't afford the (insanely expensive) costs of ordering the movies online? The studio is financially stable and internationally known. Using torrents and streams doesn't hurt them, while it does expose their work to a larger audience. People will still buy their work if they can afford it.




Using illegal torrents and streams doesn’t hurt them? Seriously? Did you really? If you want to download their films, by all means, go ahead, but please don’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt Studio Ghibli. And the fact that you’ve even gone a step further in suggesting that it actually benefits them… unbelievable! Yeah, the Studio is so financially stable that just before the release of Arrietty, they were considering CLOSING DOWN the Studio if Arrietty was not financially successful. And while they may be “internationally known”, if you go out in the street now and ask random passers by if they know of Studio Ghibli, I bet the majority wouldn’t have a clue what you were on about. I very, very rarely meet people who know of Studio Ghibli. I’m actually surprised when I do. Like I said, if you want to download or stream, then feel free, but the reason that I don’t post these links on my blog, is because I have an audience of over 40,000 people, so doing so would definitely hurt Studio Ghibli. It takes a lot to get me upset, but wow, unbelievable.

Piracy! Making it harder for creative people to afford to continue being creative!

So many ways to educate people about piracy, and so many people who don’t want to hear it. -_-

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Sex Education in American Public Schools

I know that in the Anchorage school district, the largest school district in Alaska, sex education is offered with parental approval. I don’t recall many students failing to attend the course, and the education included information about STIs, condoms, and female birth control. It did not include information about same sex relationships, and I personally was confused about what being gay meant until well into high school.