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On board camera footage from the World Ports Classic. It’s a small moment in history as if it’s been done before, this time it’s approved by the UCI as an experiment to see what the technology can do to help improve the TV experience.

The front shots are from Mark Renshaw and the rear mounted cam is on Tom Veelers’ bike with the idea being that it’ll show Marcel Kittel sitting there as Veelers supplies a lead out for the sprint to the line.

But it didn’t work out today as Jelle Wallays (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise) won solo after help as the bunch was diverted the wrong way during the race.

The quality is ok, enough to see what is happening even if the footage here shows us that not much is happening. Watch as Veelers takes the tight line on a cycle path but imagine what this might show in the sprint. Maybe we’ll see in tomorrow’s stage.

It’s unlikely to replace a HDTV but the extra angles give us more info and you can imagine the benefits to capture moments in the race like attacks, crashes and other specific incidents.

Thanks to ASO for permission to use the film.

I need MORE of this before I write the next book. :)

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